Bug Barrier Doors Offer:

  • Keep out insects and birds while improving sanitation areas by having a controlled environment
  • Helps meet FDA/AlB requirements
  • Helps keep the plant facility cooler - offers 65% shade
  • Improves ventilation- aids in employee comfort which will lead to increased productivity
  • Allow daylight and outside air in while providing a safe and secure barrier that will deter unwelcome visitors.
  • Readily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings
  • Bug Barriers are ideal for food processing, packaging and manufacturing facilities.

Several different model/styles are available to choose from for your particular application. Bug Barrier doors are custom manufactured to accommodate virtually any size opening. Pictured below are some of the styles available.

Please contact Kevin Riehn 270-846-5291 (kevin@overheaddoorbg.com) or Randy Hudson 270-202-4932 (randy@overheaddoorbg.com) in our Commercial Products Department for additional information. You may also call our office at 270-781-3290 or toll-free 866-643-3667.