Why use a high speed door? High speed doors support LEED initiatives. They lower energy costs, decrease maintenance costs, improve work environments, enhance workflow, and improve safety and security. Compared to traditional rolling metal doors you will save up to an average of $6000 annually. *Geographic location and door application may affect the annual savings rate. Pictured below are available High-Speed Doors.

UltraSlim™ High Speed Fabric Doors

Value with Reliability

UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are affordable, space-saving commercial doors that deliver the most value for the price. You'll optimize limited space and budget plus reduce maintenance and energy costs. More importantly, you'll ensure safety and operational efficiency. UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are self-repairing and ideally suited for industrial and commercial applications with separate work areas and moderate traffic conditions.

The UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are designed to last. They are fast, safe, low cost to maintain and can take a hit.

UltraFast™ High Speed Fabric Doors

Speed,Productivity and Savings

These self repairing UltraFast'" high speed fabric doors are work horses. Designed specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications these high speed doors are perfect in either interior or exterior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem. UltraFast"· high speed fabric doors deliver opening speeds of up to 60" per second with an option of 100" per second. You'll meet productivity goals without compromising safety or maintenance cost.

When fork-truck traffic is high, maintenance is a concern and safety is important, UltraFast™ high speed fabric doors are the solution.

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