Speciality Products

PVC Strip Doors Offer

  • Cost effective way to conserve energy
  • Reduce distracting noise levels, dust and contaminants without blocking visiblility
  • Partition and section off plant areas


  • PVC is formulated with ingredients that meet USDA requirements
  • Resistant to fading and yellowing due to ultraviolet light for added clarity.
  • Designed to meet the heavy demands of industrial and commercial use.

The PVC material is available in many variations of size, thickness, and type to fit your application. Pictured below are some of the style strips available.

Please contact Kevin Riehn 270-846-5291 (kevin@overheaddoorbg.com) or Randy Hudson 270-202-4932 (randy@overheaddoorbg.com) in our Commercial Products Department for additional information. You may also call our office at 270-781-3290 or toll-free 866-643-3667.